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Barbershop III

Barbershop III is a sonogram (simultaneous time-frequency analysis) of a barbershop quartet.

Bach Chorale II

Sonogram of a Bach Chorale played on a piano.

Bach Chorale

A sonogram of a Bach Chorale, played on a piano.

Consonance and Dissonance II

The image Consonance and Dissonance II is based on a sonogram of a numerical and auditory experiment, wherein one complex periodic tone with many partials is held at constant pitch, while another begins at the same pitch and is ramped up steadily until it reaches an octave above.


ReflectionRefractionDiffraction, November 2009 depicts the progress of a wave pulse which started at the upper left, impinging upon a rectangle of refracting material visible in the right-hand side of the image.

ReflectionDiffraction II

ReflectionDiffraction II, November 2009 A sound wave pulse initiated above a wall.

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